Continent Series

Continent Series

Because of the destructive actions of humankind, planet earth and all living things on it are struggling with climate change and its consequences.
Digital artist David Dessens invites us to reflect on the consequences of our actions and to lead a more sensitive, respectful and responsible life to the environment.
Continent Series comprises several different interactive digital artworks, each representing a vulnerable or endangered species. With this series, Dessens tries to remind us the richness of a life in harmony with other living creatures.


The panda is a unique, enigmatic and precious creature. Although it was once facing a genuine threat of extinction, its population has fortunately been rising as a result of decade-long efforts.
As the first art piece of his ‘Continent Series’ digital artist David Dessens presents Mo which is named following an ancient, Chinese name for the giant panda. With this artwork, Dessens invites us to think about the importance of preserving wild life and respecting other species like the panda which is one of the most adored and rare animals in the world.
Mo is a call to make the world a more livable place for every living species.



The koala is an iconic Australian marsupial. Yet, this species is at great risk today because of intense droughts and wildfires. It has been listed as one of the most vulnerable species to climate change.
As part of his ‘Continent Series’ David Dessens creates Colo to draw attention to the significance of biodiversity and wildlife conservation. It is Dessens’ artistic call to think about how we can live peacefully and sustainably. Just as colo, one of the names of the koala in local aboriginal culture, means our little favorite, only then, we can save “our little favorite” which is our only place to live: planet earth.

In the continent series, interaction begins with the presence of the viewer. When the viewer stands in front of the screen, the animals awake, and start reacting to the viewer presence.

DIMENSIONS65" (81 × 144 cm) 
EDITION8 + 2AP + 2
MATERIALSTouchscreen, Computer, sensor, Software